Preparing for Hosted Phone Systems VOIP

Reliable Cloud Phone System

If you currently use a traditional PBX (On-Site phone system) with ISDN Lines for your telephony, then you could not only improve the way you receive and make calls but also save your company money.

Before switching to VoIP, it's worth talking to our team about your current Internet connection to ensure its fit for purpose. As VoIP uses the internet to make and receive calls, a check to establish your current connection has enough throughput to handle the additional load is advisable. Although VOIP calls don't require much throughput, the connection does need enough throughput to prevent the calls from breaking up or gittering.

In areas where only slow Internet connections are available, we would either reccommend prioritising the VoIP data on your router, or installing a dedicated ADSL Broadband connection just for your phone system to use.

Test your current speed by click this link. Speed Test

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