ISDN turn off by 2025

BT Openreach will be switching off their existing PSTN and ISDN network by 2025 and switching to a IP based network. BT have also announced price increases in 2018 in an attempt to encourage business with ISDN circuits to make the move to Hosted VOIP solutions (Cloud-based systems Cloud-based VoIP communication).

BT will stop selling new installations of their ISDN option by 2020.

So what is Cloud-based systems Cloud-based VoIP communications?

Rather than using a dedicated line like ISDN or PSTN Cloud-based systems use the Internet to make and receive calls, very much like Skype and Facetime. The Cloud-based systems come with all the features you would expect from a traditional on-site PBX, its just hosted in a secure data centre. The key advantages are huge cost savings as there are no maintenance or repair costs, no upfront investment, no expensive ISDN line rentals and cheaper calls. The systems are fully managed and are very flexible unlike traditional PBX systems.

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