So what is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Anonymous Call Rejection - Reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their Caller ID. Seat type feature is included
Block Call Redirection - Prevent calls being redirected multiple times, once the caller has already been redirected. Seat type feature is included
Busy Lamp Field - Display your availability so your team know if you are able to accept new calls. Seat type feature is included
Do Not Disturb - Setting to show you are busy and cannot receive calls. Seat type feature is included
Last Number Redial - Redial the last call that you made. Seat type feature is included
Intercom - Call another extension, where the request sent to the destination is automatically answered. Seat type feature is included
Speed Dial - Assign numbers you call frequently with a particular dialling code. For example dial 9 to call reception. Seat type feature is included
Call Return - Call the last number you dialled, without re-entering the phone number. Seat type feature is included
Directed Call Pick Up - Dial a feature access code followed by an extension, so your call can be picked up by another team member. Seat type feature is included
Voice Remote Access - Allows the administrator of the group to select attributes of the Voice Messaging service that apply to the whole phone system. Seat type feature is included



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