Frequently asked questions by our customers

Will we save money with Hosted Telephone Systems?

The simple answer is Yes. There are no large investements like traditionall systems. No expensive ISDN line rentals and expensive call costs. We offer different call packages to suite your business, very much like a mobile phone contract. Our team can analise your current invoices to see just how much your business can save before you order your new Phone System.

Can we keep our current phone numbers?

Yes. In most cases, you can keep your numbers. We manage the porting of your numbers to the new phone system.

Can we have a phone number with a different geographical area code?

Yes, we can offer numbers from all areas of the UK, then route the number to the correct department or person. We can also offer free phone number 0330

Installation time?

Once the order has been placed, we can get you up and running within a few days. If you need a new Broadband connection, this can take BT upto 30 days.

Are Hosted Telephone Systems (VOIP) the right choice?

Yes, VOIP is the right choice. They are fully managed by us. They are regularly updated with the latest features and there are no maintenance costs like on-site PBX systems. BT are turning off their ISDN network by 2025.

Will the quality of of calls be better, worse or the same?

The phones we provide have HD audio, so in many cases, they are better than the traditional systems.

Do I need a Broadband Connection?

Yes, you require an Internet connection either Broadband, Leased line or 3/4G connection on your mobile device. Our team can advise you on this. Both Gamma and BT offer their brodband services as part of the phone solution. This way they can ensure the quality of the calls are of a high standard.

Do you offer International calling packages?

Yes, there is an additional small fee each month for the International calls bundle.

Do I need a Desk Phone?

All our phones come with a free desk IP phone. If you prefer, you can use the smart phone App of a soft phone from your PC or Mac.

What do I need to get started?

You will require a Internet connection, a VoIP phone which is then plugged straight into your router. If you don't have a Internet connection. We can also offer this service.

Why choose Cloud Warehouse for our Phone System?

We help you get the right solution for your business as we work with all the major VOIP vendors. You get our expert help and personalised service for the same price as going direct to these suppliers. We pride ourselves in getting to know you and your business needs and providing you with a system that is fit for purpose. Our dedicated, trusted support team are all based in a UK based call centre

What if we have more than one site?

As the system is hosted in the Cloud. It does not matter. You can have offices all around the world and it will seem like you are all in the same office. As your staff are on the same system, all the calls between handsets are free.

Can we use our current phones?

Unfortunately not. All of our packages offer either free phones or cashback on the handsets.

Do we require network cabling?

Yes. The phones plug into the wall sockets like your computer. They can share the connnection with your computer. So each desk will only require 1 Cat 5 socket. We work closely with a number of cabling companys that can assist in this.

Does your company record the voice attendants?

Yes, we can have the script recorded by professional voice over artists. We also off on-hold recordings to promote your business and any offers you may be promoting.

Can we use a headset?

Yes, we can supply a wired or wireless headset. These will incur a one off fee.